Warehouse management: A quick look at operations | Dynamics 365


With following posts, I will share my experience in advanced warehouse management processes in Dynamics 365 with questions “Why” and “How”. And we will all see how easy it is to set up a warehouse, and perform the following processes with understanding all the inventory transactions.


  1. When receiving merchandise from purchase order, we will:
    •  Place it in a location in one transaction and complete the work
    • Add a staging location to the process
    • Report goods as defected and return the items to vendor
  2. When moving the goods between locations, we will:
    • Move directly
    • Change inventory statuses during the transaction
  3. When transferring merchandise to other warehouses, we will:
    • Pick the products and move to shipping location in one transaction
    • Stop by loading location
    • Add messages to the process
    • Get miscellenous information during loading
    • Print labels before loading
  4. When receiving merchandise from a transfer order, we will:
    • Accept it at the target warehouse with mobile device
    • Accept it at the target warehouse with desktop application
  5. When performing sales order picking, we will:
    • Pick the products by walking path algorithm
    • Add messages to your sales orders and print them on screen when related work called from mobile device
    • Print packing slip
  6. When counting warehouses, we will:
    • Configure a user whose counts will be uploaded to client and will require supervisor action to go through
    • Configure a user as supervisor so counts will go through without an additional approval on client.

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