How much did my azure environment cost? | Dynamics 365

I have a personal environment on Azure, a Standard D13 sized virtual machine that I deployed from LCS for limitless Dynamics 365 experience.And I had to cut some of my expenses to pay it. I explain why I decided to have such an environment and how much such a personal azure environment cost in this post.

My purpose of having an environment on Azure

I have been planning to start a blog for a long time. To use for my posts and keep my knowledge up-to-date, I was planning to own a personal environment also. Until I make my mind, Dynamics 365 came out in Azure and to have the true experience I needed a cloud environment. I used the trial offer but, on the second day operating system’s license was expired! Then the server began restarting itself every 30 minutes and killing my sustainability.. Then I did a quick research on pricing and basic management of Azure, and decided to go with a pay-as-you-go plan. So I did, and deployed a Dynamics 365 environment through LCS. This would also provide me a more stable environment and I would be able to upgrade the application whenever I want.

Thanks to all Microsoft professionals, who helped me on this process, for putting up with me and replying so quick on cases I opened through Azure portal.

Cost and details

On August, 31st I received my first bill from Microsoft, and total cost is… A little bit over 100 US dollars. $102.45 according to current currency. An amount that won’t harm your social life when you decide to save.

I started my virtual machine when I would take some screenshots, perform a process or do some setups; Then when I’m done, I stopped it. This helped me to end up with 65 hours up-time between Jul,29 and Aug,31.

If you have worries about what it costs to others who have a “Personal environment” or; Does anyone with “Personal” environment exist; Consider my experience as an example.


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